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AJM Marketing is excited to be working closely with Black Card Solutions and their founder, Gerry Robert in developing strategies to evolve this world class organization to the next level of success.

Black Card Companies, founded, owned and operated by Gerry Robert, is among many things, the fastest growing book publisher who shows entrepreneurs how to use publishing a book as a marketing tool.
A.J. Mirabedini is working closely with founder Gerry Robert in focusing on developing organic success through defining and implementing best practices in BCB’s key business areas; business systems, procedures, staffing, marketing, and financial practices to ensure proper and healthy growth, and bottom line return on investments of the founder.

Founder-led organizations are unique with their own set of challenges and opportunities. They are definitely not one size fits all, and that requires a comprehensive breadth of experience to support and evolve and that AJM Marketing Group brings to the table.

Even the best entrepreneurial organizations require reflection from an outsider’s expert view to access structural make-up, philosophies, strategies, and execution. With the support of A.J. Mirabedini and AJM Marketing Group the future of the Black Card Companies is even brighter than ever and will be shaped by solid fundamentals and by architectural design focused on bottom line success.